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Yes, it’s some of the most spectacular scenery in the world. But that’s not why you’re here is it? Nope, you’re here to step it up a notch and take it to the extreme.

The Fox delivers New Zealand’s ultimate adrenalized high-wire hilarity. Start 182 metres up, plummet 5 metres and then scream another 445 metres across one of the most blurry but beautiful landscapes in the world. It’s high, it’s fun and it’s got to be done. Step right up (and off) to get your woo-ha on.

This is an utterly memorable thrill-ride you can’t find anywhere else and we simply love sharing it with the world. Your safety and sense of adventure is our number one priority. Whether you’re after an exciting family activity in Queenstown or instead require a top-rated NZ adrenalin-fuelled waking nightmare we’ve got the Fox drop for you.


Welcome to the worlds only zipline that lets gravity drop you from 182 metres high onto a 240 metre long cable to rush you across the canyon abyss.


This is just like the flying foxes at the local playground us Kiwis grew up with – except it’s 138 metres high and you can race alongside your buddy.

The Fox 1

2 unique ziplines

182 metre heigh cliff

5 metre complete free fall

445 metre total journey

5 different drop styles

1 lifetime of memories

1 giant leap for manki… well, for you too

How is this different to a normal zipline?

First, we’ve added a bit of freefall into the mix. Then you’ve got all the different jump styles. Finally, there’s the height of the platform – this bad mamajama is New Zealand’s highest zipline platform

Can I just do one line?

No you can’t – you’ll be left stranded on the other side of the cliff if you do! 

The second line is more ‘traditional’ however. So once you’ve conquered the first line the second is a piece of cake. Mmmmm, cake

How fast can you go across the zipline?

We have recorded speeds of up to 70kms per hour!  But this does depend on the weight of customer and conditions at the time.

How is this compared to the swing?

This is less intense but it is still high. Many customers find the Fox a great introduction into ‘true’ Queenstown adrenaline activities. It’s a step up from an ordinary zipline but a step down from naked skydiving.

How long does the actual Fox take?

You’ll be zipping across pretty fast. The first line is 240m long so it’s about 15-20 seconds long. Then you dismount and get ready for the next line, which is 205m long for another 15-20 second ride.

Can I do a tandem on The Fox?

No sorry, tandems are only available on the Canyon Swing.

I have more questions.  Who should I contact?

We’re always ready to answer any questions you might have – annual rainfall in the Amazon basin, the meaning of life, the best things to do in Queenstown.

If you’re in town pop into our booking office and see us. Otherwise our friendly reservations crew are happy to help on 03 442 6990, or via our website chat at from 8am – 7pm NZT.


Check out our FAQ’s page for more…

Over the years we’ve dreamed up, developed and tested heaps of epic jump styles – each one unique in fear ratio and the resultant earning of swagger and flex.

We’ve listed a few of our favourites here. If these don’t tickle your pickle our jumpmaster will provide you with a comprehensive catalogue of fear-inducing, hair-raising, pants-wetting jump styles. From the not-confident to the far-too-confident, we’ve got a canyon swing style for everyone.



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