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We recommend booking at least 48 hours in advance to avoid being disappointed. That way you’ll also get a time that suits you best.  However we do take on-the-day bookings provided there’s space.

If it’s at least 24 hours before your planned activity we can cancel and give a full refund.            

Absolutely! The photo and video packages are sold per swing, so by doing a Tandem swing, you only need to purchase one photo and video package.

These are only available to purchase onsite and are subject to available time. We will do our best to get in as many second jumps as possible.

We have a minimum age of 10 years old. The maximum age is limitless – if you’re mostly  a robot and 217 years old we’ll be ready to help you jump.

We have the capacity for online bookings of up to 8 people, but we are flexible. We can also cater for larger groups, please get in touch to discuss options.

About 2 hours, but allow 2 1/2, just in case.

about us

Our booking office and check-in point is at 34 Shotover Street in the middle of Queenstown. Our operational site is located in Arthur’s point, just 10 minutes drive from town.

The closest parking building is Man Street Car Park, and there are other street parking options around Man Street and Memorial Street. There are also two parking areas on Ballarat Street as you come into town.

Yes we do. In fact we throw people off cliffs every day of the year except for Christmas Day.

We operate in all weather conditions. Trust us – with all the adrenaline coursing through your body you’ll barely notice any rain.

No we don’t. Trust us, the Swing is much better. Anyone can fall off a bridge. Why not swing with style?

The incredible scenery. The fun, focused staff. The huge range of jump styles. The fear, the rush, and the sense of accomplishment. We could go on but the best way to see what makes this such a special (and popular) Queenstown adventure activity is come along and take the plunge for yourself.

Yes of course! We are always focused on maintaining the very highest safety standards. Independent safety audits and engineering tests mean our rides are certified devices and approved by WorkSafe NZ.

watching you go

Yes, you can bring a spectator. It is $25 per spectator and this must be pre-booked to ensure there are enough seats to go around. There is limited seating on the bus for spectators.

Yes, but you’ll need to have your hands free. So a wrist, chest or head mount are perfect. Sorry – you can’t jump with phones or selfie sticks.             

Yes you certainly can. We take awesome photos and create an amazing video for you. Save more by pre purchasing before your trip departs.

Yes.  They can be on the jump platform with you or on the viewing deck from the base building.                                  

This depends too. First, are they your children? Things will get real weird real fast if you’re just asking random kids to come to watch you. However, if they’re your kids, we may be able to make arrangements. If there are two of you swinging then one can go while the other is watching the kids in the base building.

We have two car seats (1 x baby/toddler, 1 x toddler/child) available to use, or you are more than welcome to use your own.  Please book these in.


The Canyon Swing has a freefall of 60m, the platform is 109m high with a 200m swing.

You don’t have to. There are a few jump styles that allow for this however. Most will shift you back up to a sitting position once you’re in swing mode.

No there isn’t. After the freefall it’s a smooth-as transition into the swing.

No you don’t. You can decide on the platform.

That’s entirely up to you. If you need a buddy there for reassurance, someone reliable to whisper steadying words of encouragement, well, we think you should have them there.

For solo it’s 160kgs and for tandem it’s a combined weight of 180kgs.

Yes of course you can, just let us know when you check in.

You will freefall for approximately 4 seconds then swing for up to a couple of minutes before being winched up.

The Canyon Swing site is located at the end of a 300m gravel track (downhill from the car park) and there are 61 steep stairs to descend to the platform (approx 900mm to 1200mm wide). Our staff have experience swinging people with major neck, back and limb injuries as well as those with permanent impairments such as blindness, deafness, paraplegia, amputations and paralyses. For more information, please see our Safety page here: https://www.canyonswing.co.nz/safety/


We’re always ready to answer any questions you might have – annual rainfall in the Amazon basin, the meaning of life, the best things to do in Queenstown.  You may not get the right answer, but we can be creative!

If you’re in town pop into the shop and see us. Otherwise our friendly reservations crew are happy to help on 03 442 6990, bookings@canyonswing.co.nz or via our website chat at www.canyonswing.co.nz from 9am – 5pm NZT.





1st July 2024



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