The Worlds Highest Cliff Jump

Canyon Swing


This is an intense, undie staining, adrenaline stimulation activity achieved by launching yourself into a canyon, 109 meters over the famous New Zealand Shotover River. Our uniquely designed system allows you to oscillate out over 200 meters but not without first experiencing the 60 meters vertical freefall down into a steep rocky abyss. Chuck our kick-ass staff in the mix and you’ve got a new favourite thrilling experience to cherish forever! Or, if you’re game enough, until round two on the Canyon Swing.

When it comes to attempting our epic adventurous New Zealand swing, we make it all about you. We aren’t here to rush or crowd you. This contraption makes for a truly legendary activity, and we want your experience with the world’s biggest cliff jump to change the very fabric of your being, and possibly even the fabric of your knickers.

This exceptional Queenstown swing comes with an exceptional bunch of drop masters, who are crazy, friendly professionals that will ensure you have a thrilling activity tour in gravity’s playground. These wonderful characters will provide you with optimal chat while safely managing your fear factor and encouraging you to push your personal boundaries juuuuust enough that you can experience true freedom through an adrenaline adventure.

You call the shots here – well, not really. But you do get to decide how you exit off the ramp and enter, screaming, into the Shotover canyon with the world hurtling passed and your stomach left trailing behind. Our numerous plummet variations make us unique, each one a different thrill appealing to different needs. Check out some of our favourites below – which one will you choose when it comes time to try the ominous, the adventurous, and the oh-so unique Queenstown Canyon Swing?

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Thinking of going Tandem?  Why not stuff's more fun with mates - for a limited time you can save $20 each on your Tandem Canyon Swing.  

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Trip info



  • 2.5 hours round trip
  • Check in 15 minutes before your trip time
  • Dress to the weather conditions and wear closed-toe shoes
  • Only 15 minutes drive from the Queenstown town centre
  • Transport included
  • Price is per person (solo or tandem)
  • If booking online - please bring your credit card for verification

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Jump Styles

Over the years we’ve dreamt up, developed, and tested heaps of epic jump styles – each one unique in fear and swagger. If those don’t tickle your adrenaline pickle, our Jumpmasters’ can provide a collective catalogue of fear-inducing, adventurous styles that are sure to cause a hindrance to your heartbeat. Whichever way you decide to jump on the Queenstown swing, be it voluntarily or not, there’s a fun or scary style to suit everyone!