If someone told you to go jump off a cliff… would you do it? How about if we did? And how about if it was the world’s highest cliff jump? Trust us, you won’t regret it. For freefall without equal this’ll be a heart-pounding highlight of your time in Queenstown. 



We take our reputation as the ‘home of adventure’ seriously.

When it comes to adrenalin-filled, balls-to-the-wall adventure activities in Queenstown we don’t do things by halves and we don’t muck around.

With 60 metres of freefall the Canyon Swing is the world’s highest cliff jump. It’s a rush like no other. It’s a leap with no equal.

We want your experience with the world’s biggest cliff jump to change the very fabric of your being… and possibly even the fabric of your undies. So you do get to decide how you leave the platform and enter, screaming, into the void. Our Swing team adheres closely to The Message: “Don’t push me, ‘cause I’m close the edge.” We aren’t here to rush or crowd you.

Instead our exceptional bunch of jump masters will safely manage your fear factor. Yes, these masters are slightly unhinged but they’re never less than 100% professional in their dedication to Canyon Swing safety and your personal journey.

They’ll push you (with words) to go that small step beyond what you thought was possible. Only then can you experience the true freedom that comes with that full-throated, adrenalin-fuelled scream out into the hungry void.


We drive you from Queenstown for a quick hop and skip into the jump spot. Then we strap you in and you jump off a 109 metre high cliff. That’s the length of nearly 2.5 standard commercial aeroplanes (or 11,000 model ones).

First you’ll get to choose your jump style – how do you want to go? After leaping off the platform you’ll fall 60 metres, rushing past the rocky cliff so close you’ll think you can touch it. About this stage of the descent there’s a few jumpers who decide to call the whole thing off.

Not you though. From there you’ll undergo the super-smooth transition from freefall to swing as the ground rushes up and you soar across the mighty Shotover River like a glorious bird – a sweating, screaming, arms-flapping bird.



Some like to go at it alone.  Sometimes it’s simply better that way.  More ‘styles’ to choose from and no one bothering you.  If you’re a strong independent human, who likes to face their challenges head on.  This is for you.


It’s simply magical to share an experience with a lover, friend or other (and it’s cheaper!).  No, but seriously nothing bonds two humans together quite like freefalling in a canyon strapped to each other.  Do it for them.


Picture this.  You’re a couple; they’ve agreed to swing but only tandem, but you want to go solo.  Such a dilemma you say.   That’s where you’re wrong my friend.  Do your tandem, then do a second swing solo for a steal.  You win, they win, we all win.


Doing things for the first time is great and all, but what about the second time?  You remember more, you know what you’re in for, it’s like a totally new experience.  It’s the same with swings.  With our second swing option you can try a completely different style; solo or tandem there’s so many choices.  It’s all based on time available and can’t be pre-booked, price is per person solo or tandem.


Who doesn’t love a deal?  We’ve made it easy for you to add on photos and video to your Canyon Swing and save you money at the same time.   For tandem packages, you’ll only pay for one set of photos and video, cos you know, you’re both in the same picture, duh.


Memories for life.  Our cameras capture all the best moments, from your knees knocking to your screams screaming.  The edited video includes your freefall and swing, and the photos show off your chosen jumpstyle.

  • Allow 2 hours round trip
  • Transport from town centre is included
  • Self drives not permitted
  • Spectators are welcome, under 5’s free, restraints available
  • Booking centre located up the road from Ferg Burger
  • Closed toe shoes required
Over the years we’ve dreamed up, developed and tested heaps of epic jump styles – each one unique in fear ratio and the resultant earning of swagger and flex.

We’ve listed a few of our favourites here. If these don’t tickle your pickle our jumpmaster will provide you with a comprehensive catalogue of fear-inducing, hair-raising, pants-wetting jump styles. From the not-confident to the far-too-confident, we’ve got a canyon swing style for everyone.

Canyon Swing
The Cutaway Jump 5
The Cutaway Jump
The Cutaway Jump 6
Canyon Swing
Forwards Jump 11
Forwards Jump
Forwards Jump 12
Canyon Swing
Trike 17
Trike 18
Canyon Swing
The Chair Jump 23
The Chair Jump
The Chair Jump 24
Kim R
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The guys who run it are so much fun and have it dialed in from the beginning to the end. I enjoyed it so much that I jumped twice! I highly recommend this experience. It is a quintessential Queenstown experience.
Barrie Hemingwaybarrie.hemingway
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Great Swing, very smooth experience and the staff are amazing. Take you eftpos card because 1 swing is not enough. Would recommend to all when visiting Queenstown.
Corey S
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An excellent experience with the Canyon Swing crew! Magnificant views! They are a very friendly and professional crew who are there to give you the ultimate experience. All of the staff were great - front office and operations crew. They are there to give you a fun time.