The Worlds Highest Cliff Jump

Tandem Canyon Swing


Experiences are to be shared right?  What better way than jumping off a cliff strapped with your close friend, stranger, lover or other, screaming in each others ears holding on for 'dear life'?

Well, for a limited time, it's going to be even more irresistible with our tempting offer. 

Save $20 each on your Tandem Canyon Swing.  

Just think of what we'll capture on video!  But don't just think about it, just book on and have the time of your life!!


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Extra Swings

If you loved the first one so much, do it again, tandem or solo.  If there's time, for just $45pp you can do it all over again, the hardest thing it to choose what style!  

And even better - if you extra swing is a tandem - take $20 off!!


Tandem Jump Styles

Four awesome tandem styles to choose from.