The Worlds Highest Cliff Jump The Worlds Highest Cliff Jump

Canyon Fox

We could tell you about the stunning New Zealand scenery or the chequered history of the Shotover Canyons. We could promise an amazing, fun-filled adventure, but you don’t really want to know about that.

All you really need to know is the ride - the one you’ve been looking for. Sketchy as. You’re pretty much going to be a guinea pig.

We built the zip a couple of years ago. A fear-inducing adventure zipline aimed at encouraging profoundly unsavoury foul language. So far, fingers crossed, it seems to be working OK. But that doesn’t mean we don’t need more fun adrenaline-loving, ride-crushing guinea pigs to continue testing our top mountain zipline.

Who will this insane fox zipline engulf? Bad news – it’s hungry for ALL – except those under 10. They don’t let us hurl under 10’s into a giant canyon. Unfortunate, we know – but what the lawyer says goes.

Joking aside, we adore our jumpers – YOU are the reason we’re here and your safety is top priority. Whether you’re a family or just a single jumper, we’ll provide you with an epically scenic, safe, and fanatically-fun high time tour of the original gangster – the Canyon Fox Queenstown zipline.

So, come on down! Bring family, bring friends – we’re happy to sacrifice you to the canyon Gods. It’s about time they were fed more zipliner souls.

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Trip Details



  • Regular zip tours daily
  • Allow time for 2 hours return
  • Return transport from Queenstown's town centre
  • Conveniently located pick up point
  • Photo options available
  • Canyon Fox weight restrictions apply: Min 35kgs | Max 125kgs | Min age 10 years
  • If booking online - please bring your credit card for verification

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Drop Styles

It can get lonely dangling out there high on the Canyon Fox zip (you poor wee thing) but our fully trained top fox masters are expert at giving you exactly the right amount of encouragement (or abuse) to get you to cut loose and drop. You can choose from our five-original tried and tested drop styles depending on how much upheaval you want in your underpants.

We understand that exploring your fears can be difficult, so if you just want to enjoy the scenery and travel a bit faster than normal then - that’s cool. BUT, if you want to add some spicy danger to your zipline with a scary style, you will be an absolute legend. If you are looking for a fun way to prove to your mum that you are all grown up, don’t do this. It’s perfectly engineered silliness. Cruel madness on a zip wire.