Jump Styles 1

Another playground favourite, the classic handstand.  We’ll give you a helping hand to teeter on the edge, until you’re ready to simply fall past the point of no return.


Jump Styles 2

Bum on seat, hands on handle bars, and just ride off the edge or, get a push you choose the ramp.  So simple you could do it with your eyes closed (but that would defeat the purpose, wouldn’t it!).

The Chair Jump

Jump Styles 3

You’ve been told that rocking back on your chair is bad, well in swing world it’s GREAT. We’ll sit you in our chair then position you backwards on the edge. It’s up to you to play with gravity, slowly pass through the point of no return and enjoy. Seatbelt provided.

The Slide

Jump Styles 4

This ain’t no playground. Climb up and take in the view from the top then slide into oblivion and remember what it was like to scream like a kid.

Elvis Cutaway

Jump Styles 5

The king of all head rushes. We’ll suspend you out over the canyon, lying flat on your back facing the sky. Once released you’ll travel through the arc upside down with the canyon walls rushing past your eyes.

Indian Rope Trick

Jump Styles 6

Can you do a chin up? This is the one for you… You’re suspended over the canyon holding on with your big muscles. We’ll pull the release trigger and it’s up to you. Can you beat our current record of 33.25 seconds? It’s one heck of a challenge.

Jump & Flip

Jump Styles 7

Fancy showing off your athletic prowess? You’ve got three options: forwards, backwards or gainers. Tumble your way through freefall before swinging out down in the canyon below. Try to beat the record: 12 forwards flips by Olympian Tom Daley!

Backwards Jump

Jump Styles 8

Standing with your heels over the edge of the platform. Hands behind your head and slowly fall back into the canyon below. The view of the platform rocketing away from you is truly freaky. Great option for experienced jumpers.

Gimp Boy Goes To Hollywood

Jump Styles 9

We’ll suspend you upside down over the canyon, staring directly at the canyon floor, arching your back and reaching for the river below. Keep your eyes open and wait to be released, you’ll swoop down towards the river – eyeballs first.

Forwards Jump

Jump Styles 10

Standing on the edge looking down if you dare, then step, jump, fall, dive or leap any which way to begin your spectacular descent. You’re free to scream, flap your arms and kick your legs as you accelerate into the canyon. Jumping off yourself is an amazing achievement.