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Another playground favourite, the classic handstand.  We’ll give you a helping hand to teeter on the edge, until you’re ready to simply fall past the

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Bum on seat, hands on handle bars, and just ride off the edge or, get a push you choose the ramp.  So simple you could

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The Chair Jump

You’ve been told that rocking back on your chair is bad, well in swing world it’s GREAT. We’ll sit you in our chair then position

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The Slide

This ain’t no playground. Climb up and take in the view from the top then slide into oblivion and remember what it was like to

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Elvis Cutaway

The king of all head rushes. We’ll suspend you out over the canyon, lying flat on your back facing the sky. Once released you’ll travel

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Indian Rope Trick

Can you do a chin up? This is the one for you… You’re suspended over the canyon holding on with your big muscles. We’ll pull

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Jump & Flip

Fancy showing off your athletic prowess? You’ve got three options: forwards, backwards or gainers. Tumble your way through freefall before swinging out down in the

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Backwards Jump

Standing with your heels over the edge of the platform. Hands behind your head and slowly fall back into the canyon below. The view of

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Forwards Jump

Standing on the edge looking down if you dare, then step, jump, fall, dive or leap any which way to begin your spectacular descent. You’re

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