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No matter the reason for your list, everyone has one.  But is it just to tick the box, or has it come from deep deep deep down inside.  Here is our Top 10 of the best adventure in Queenstown.

  • Shotover Canyon Swing  – Canyon Swing | How could we write a list without including us, and putting us at the top!
  • Canyon Explorers  – Canyoning | A bit of everything packed into a half or full day adventure; jumping, abseiling, ziplining, natural waterslides and general scrambling through tight river canyons.  This is an epic challenging adventure.
  • Nzone – Skydiving | Embrace the Fear and leap from a plane 15,000ft over Lake Wakatipu with the Remarkables as your backdrop.  Can’t beat it.
  • Skippers Canyon Jet – Jet Boat Ride | To start there is a drive on one of the most dangerous roads in the world, that’s an adventure in it’s self!  The ride takes you through the narrow canyons of Skippers, with your face permanently scrunched up from going super close to canyon walls.  Just pray the wind doesn’t change.
  • Offroad Adventures – Quad biking | Nestled in amongst the Nevis bluff, this is super fun hooning around the course with your guide, whilst you’re “in control” of your quad bike.  This is great for groups.
  • Skyline – Downhill Biking | Ride the gondola up to save those legs for the epic trails on the way down.  With heaps of trails to choose from there’s something for every rider.
  • Cardrona – Mountain Carts | Think luge, but with way better with more freedom and heaps of trails at your disposal.  Be ready to get dusty though!
  • Go Orange – Rafting | With grade 3-5 rapids and the infamous Skippers Road, this is a great adventure, choose your position in the boat wisely, you may be prone to ‘tipping out’ otherwise!
  • Oxbow – Off-roaders | Let a professional driver take you and two mates through the mud, dirt and hairy corners in their custom built vehicles and course.
  • Hang-gliding – Sky Trek | Soar the skies and feel real freedom as your pilot catches thermals and coasts through the air, just like a bird.

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