The Worlds Highest Cliff Jump The Worlds Highest Cliff Jump

Straight Off

Rating 2

Start off by dangling from our unique launch rail and soak up the view.  You’ll start slowly rolling down the rail before the scale of the canyon reveals itself and then everything changes.  The Drop snatches you from below, time stops and you’re falling for that infinite moment before the cables kick in and send you barreling across the canyon.

Drop Styles

It can get lonely out there (you poor wee thing) but our fully trained fox masters are expert at giving you exactly the right amount of encouragement (or abuse) to get you to cut loose and drop.  You can choose from our five tried and tested drop styles depending on how much upheaval you want in your underpants.

If you’re looking for a way to prove to your mum that you’re all grown up, don’t do this.  It’s engineered silliness.  Cruel madness on a wire.