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Cheap places to eat in Queenstown

10 (Cheap) Places to Eat in Queenstown: The Travellers Guide for Affordable Dining 

With crazy activities like skydiving, white water rafting, backcountry skiing, and of course our very own canyon swinging and zipline experience, it’s no wonder Queenstown is the adventure capital of New Zealand! We at Canyon Swing & Fox understand that adventure can build up one hell of an appetite. We also understand that you don’t want to break the bank on one night’s dinner. We have chucked together a list of cheap eats around Queenstown for you adrenaline junkies to sink your teeth into. So, without further ado, my hunger bargain-hunting comrades, here is the list of 10 cheap eats in Queenstown. Save those dollars, fill that appetite, build your strength, and join us for a cliff jump! 


Hikari Sushi | $1.70 
22 Ballarat Street, QT 

It’s hard to find good sushi, especially when you’re located in the inner most part of a land mass, hidden far from the ocean. But Hikari knows how to bring seafood to Queenstown sushi. At $1.70 a piece, you can make you $10 go a long way. Plus, you get to mix and match as you please. What an absolute win! 

| $12 
8 Church Street, QT 

@Thai offers up some incredible curries, that’s for sure. But, their delicious little secret is their $12 takeaway meal boxes and their $10 soups with rice. If you’re looking for something cheap, flavourful, and culturally sound, this is place you need to be. 

Red Rock
| $10 
48 Camp Street, QT 

Three words – All. Day. Breakfast. There is something weirdly comforting about eating breakfast food outside of breakfast hours. Complete with eggs, bacon, hash browns, grilled tomato, and buttered toast, this feast will start you day off, or end it, on a high note. Most importantly, this high note won’t send your bank account into overdraft. Believe us when we say that this is a ‘cheap places to eat’ worthy breakfast. 

Fat Badgers
| $0.5-$4 
33 Camp Street, QT 

Fat Badgers are all about comfort food with a side of attitude. Hit them up on their happy hours (3-5pm) and smash through $4 curly fried with parmesan or gourmet hot wings at 50c a piece! Not to mention they have TWO happy hours for drinks. This is not a drill, people! If there is a group of you – pull together some dollars and pick up one of the 20” pizzas. They. Are. Massive! But oh, so delicious. This establishment deserves to be on the ‘cheap places to eat’ list. 


Searle Lane | $5-$10 
15 Church Street, QT 

These guys have $5 gourmet pizzas from 12-2pm and 8-9pm daily, with Wednesdays being all day. $5 GOURMET PIZZAS! What is this madness?! But if you have a little extra dosh and feel like splashing out, you can choose from their $10 lunch menu. These guys know how to feed those who are on a budget. Flock to them and they’ll cure your hunger. 


Erik’s Fish & Chips | $10 
13 Earl Street, QT 

Erik’s Fish & Chips is where the traditional Kiwi favourite fish’n’chips meets the Kiwi saying, “cheap as chips”. $10 gets you the classic combo with chips, fish and a drink. Erik’s is also unique as it caters to gluten-free, vegan, and halal requirements. Good looking out, Eriks! This small-town chip shop is delicious, fast, and kiwi through and through. Grab an order and head down to the waterfront for food with a view – Consider this a must for your Queenstown adventure bucket list. 


The Empanada Kitchen | $5.50 
60 Beach Street, QT 

Mmmmmm – Empanadas. With flavours including Pork & Chimi, Lamb & Tapenade, and Feta & Chutney, it’s hard to go past these delicious baked Spanish pastry goods. Especially for just $5.50 per Empanada. They’ll definitely feed your belly, but we think you’ll find that they feed your soul, too! Queenstown traveller hack – buy a couple of frozen empanadas to sneak home with you. 


Wild Thyme | $10-$12 
16-24 Beach Street, QT 

Wild Thyme offers up lunch menus for $10 and $12. Keen for a steak BLT? Or maybe a kick-ass beetroot salad? For $10-$12 food that seems like $20-$22 food – head to Wild Thyme. They’ll let you feel swanky while on a budget, and sometimes that’s all you need. Fake it till you make it, am I right or am I right? 


Caribe Latin Kitchen | $10-$15 
36 The Mall

This is where ‘bang for your buck’ meets ‘bang for your taste buds’. Caribe Latin Kitchen mixes Latin American, Caribbean, and Mexican flavours into this incredibly delicious and incredibly affordable treat. They have $10 arepas, $10 tacos, $15 quesadillas, and $15 burritos! This is one of our favourite cheap places to eat, and we doubt that will ever change. This location is a must-eat for spice lovers. Order the extra spicy, if you are brave enough – but no crying. 


Ferg Burger | $10-$17 
42 Shotover Street, QT

Ferg Burger is a true Rite of Passage in good ol’ Queenstown. It’s the burger joint with that constantly MASSIVE line outside of it, but the quick trick is to call in your order. These burgers are huuuge and incredibly delicious. I know, I know – they’re more expensive than the other options on this list but guys – they’re giant burgers! Do you seriously expect us not to mention giant burgers?! 

Boom! There it is, ladies and gentlemen - 10 cheap places to eat in Queenstown. Hopefully you’ve found something that has peaked your fancy, otherwise, you might just have to settle with going hungry – which is technically also a cheap eats option. If you’re keen for some other cheap things to do, you can check out our blog about The Best Views in Queenstown. We hope you enjoy your time in our lovely, lively, and very bright town. 

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