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6 Reasons To Zipline in Queenstown

This is a comprehensive, somewhat satirical guide outlining why YOU should partake in at least one Canyon Fox jump within your lifetime. Let’s start with the basics… 

What is a zipline/flying fox? 

Zipline: “A cable or rope stretched between two points of different heights, down which a person slides for amusement by means of a suspended harness, pulley, or handle”. 

Flying Fox: “An overhead cable and apparatus for transporting materials over difficult terrain”. 

Combine the two of these with a dash of crazy kiwi ingenuity and you end up with the one-of-a-kind, fear-inducing Queenstown Canyon Fox! Suspended 182m above the rugged depths of the mighty Shotover canyon, this thrilling joy ride will remind you of your true mortality. 

The terrifying flying fox journey begins with you standing on an uncomfortably short platform, only to hurl yourself into the cavernous abyss, which is followed immediately by a 5m freefall (of course). After that it’s relatively pain-free, except for the fact that you’re speeding down a zip cable, screaming, and you still have a return trip waiting for you, but don’t worry – that second zipline is only a teeny tiny 138m above the canyon floor (*cue sigh of relief). 

Built only a year ago, this certified contraption of engineered silliness and fear will provide the utmost entertaining memories – not just for you, but for anyone witnessing your close encounter with the oh-so ominous Canyon Fox. This Zipline adventure is one for the bucket list! 


Why in Queenstown? 

Why Queenstown, you may ask? Why would you want to be in a town full of adventure activities, festivals, and simply divine dining options? Why would you want to be surrounded by mystically beautiful mountains, gorgeous emerald lakes, stunning ski fields, and ample wine production? Why would you want to enjoy long summer days and winters with frequent, picturesque snowfall? I have probably made my point now, huh? Now add to that the Queenstown Flying Fox! This awesome activity is the absolute best way to top off a trip to New Zealand’s adventure capital! 

Here are 6 reasons for why YOU should zipline in Queenstown: 

1. The thrill 

Who wouldn’t get an adrenaline thrill from this cruel madness of a zip wire? I’m not talking about that adrenaline rush you get before talking to someone that you’ve been secretly crushing on. I’m talking about legs turning to jelly, shaky clammy hands, hearing your own heartbeat in your ears, and bile beginning to burn through the stomach lining – ya know, the good kind of adrenaline. But don’t let the fear stop you from conquering the mighty flying fox! 

2. The Scenery 

Let’s be honest, you’re not doing the Canyon Fox for the scenery. But standing atop a powerful canyon, encircled by stunning mountains, with views that people travel across countries to see – it’s not a bad perk. This Queenstown zipline adventure also allows you some rather unique vantage points, because hardly anyone who isn’t a bird gets to see the Shotover canyon whilst zipping through the air above it. 

3. Bragging rights 

Uhmm - you’re going to throw yourself off a ledge 182m above a giant man-eating canyon with a single connecting zip wire to keep you from plummeting towards certain death. Once you have completed that, you will have to repeat the whole process again just to get back to the right side of the canyon. At the very least you will have some killer bragging rights. Tell everyone! Tell your friends and family. Tell the local grocer. Put it on the ol’ resume. You’ve earned this! 

4. Drop Styles 

Drop styles are the ultimate way to add a little more attitude to your zipline experience. Which of the six jump styles will you choose? The Sideways Shimmy, the Straight Off, the Reverse Forwards, the Chicken Run, the Return Line, or the most terrifying – Giant Strides. The fear-factor of all styles is measured between 1 and 4 toilet paper rolls, with four being the one to test the nature of your being and the fibre of your pants. These styles have all been trialled and tested by the epic Fox masters, so you are free to ask for some experienced recommendations. 

5. Deals and Steals 

  • When you commit to the team of the Canyon Fox, they commit to you. Within one trip you will be: 
  • Picked up from a convenient location in the centre of Queenstown. 
  • Chauffeured to the Fox zipline. 
  • Catered to by the fox masters, who will keep you safe and more importantly – completely hyped for your jump! 
  • You can choose to obtain some photos for evidential proof. 
  • Once the jumps have concluded and your pants have dried, you’ll be transported back to town at which point you can begin telling all of society how brave you are. 


This accumulates to about a 2 hour round trip, including transport – What an absolute steal! 

As for deals, there are competitive family deals because we all know that families the Foxes together stay together. This adventure is available to the staunchest of children. The only two rules for the kid's zipline is an age limit of 10 and a weight minimum of 40kg. There are also Group deals available, with $15 knocked off per person! 

6. ‘Cause you’re an absolute legend 

People simply don’t walk away from this without feeling like a complete boss! If you have read this far and you are still not convinced, then feel free to stop reading – this blog wasn’t written to encourage losers to participate in this Queenstown zip ride of a fox’n lifetime! But if you are convinced, then it’s probably because you’re ready to be an absolute legend! 


Final Words 

This is it, my friend - this is the adventure you need in your life. With the amazing Fox team offering top chat and complete professionalism with safety; with glorious scenery seen from an optimal birds-eye view; with personalised jump styles and photographic proof; with a sense of adrenaline-fuelled adventure that you will never, ever forget. This is it – the best zipline! 

So, what are you waiting for? 

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