Shotover Canyon Swing is the world’s highest cliff jump
The adventure of a lifetime in the adventure capital of the world

Canyon Swing Fox Combos

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What You Do

You are responsible for taking a leap of faith and fearlessly diving into our famous Queenstown canyon and you have two options to choose from. You can either launch yourself off a cliff from 109m high and swing over the Shotover River or play with gravity and experience a terrifying (but amazing) zipline across the canyon. Gravity is a toy. Come out and play!

What We Do

We are the crazy (but friendly) people in New Zealand who encourage you to jump off a cliff and swing into a canyon just for fun! At the home of the world's highest cliff jumps, our already famous 109m high Canyon Swing and our not yet famous 182m high Canyon Fox are just the ticket to get your heart pumping and put smiles on your faces!

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