100 Canyon Swings!

A huge congratulations to Jason Medina on completing 100 Canyon Swings yesterday!

What was already a big task was made tougher with monsoon style rain coming down most of the day. Jason stayed super positive and energetic throughout but had to work hard physically and mentally to get to the 100th jump.

Jason’s friends and Queenstown Whanau came along at different points in the day to lend their support, donate and join him for some tandem jumps.

A fire service member and the police officers, that saved Jason 18 months ago, were also at hand to support and join for a Swing. Sarah from St John also came along to support for the whole event and spread the word.

We can’t be more proud of Jason and the team for making this happen. Thank you to all who have donated and supported this far. We still have a way to go to reach our goal so please share and donate where you can.

Cheers Jason


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