Photos and Movies

With no obligation to buy, our photo and video options are a great way to relive your swing and to prove to your mates what you did!!

Available for purchase on site, you can view before you buy, and will be ready before we take you back to town.  Please be aware that photos and videos are not guaranteed.


High res photos are available printed and/or digital.

Multi shots

Unique to the Shotover Canyon Swing, these photos show off your jump style with class!!

Photo collage - multi shots

Single shots

Freefall or mid-swing angles, the choice is yours!

Photo collage - single shots - platform


A complete personal ‘swing’umentary capturing all those  emotions!!!!  HD videos available on either disc or USB format.

Check out a sample customer video!


We have a range of photo and video packages available


                                                      one                     additional
Single shot printed             $20                       $5 each
(your choice)
                                                     one swing         two swings
Single shot digital               $35                       $50
(all photos)
                                                    one swing          two swings
Multi shot                              $30                         $45
(printed & digital)


                                                    one swing          two swings
Video only                              $45                         $65

Give me everything!

Single swing – $80

All digital single shots + digital multi shot + video + printed photo (of your choice).  USB format.

Two swings – $110

All digital single shots + both digital multi shots + both videos + two printed photos (your choice).  USB format.

Please be aware that photos and videos are not guaranteed. 

So you’ve got your photos and videos, but having trouble accessing?>>