How it works

Travel 15 minutes from Queenstown in one of our 4WD vehicles, take an easy 3 minute bush walk and you’ll arrive at our private site – a purpose built, cliff mounted platform on the edge of a cliff 109m above the Shotover River.

Standing on the platform you will see the cables running from cliff to cliff over the river – this is the pivot point for the pendulum. From the middle of the cables two ropes run back to the platform ready for you to be harnessed to them – you act as the end of the pendulum!

After a safety briefing you’re led to the platform where you’re fitted into a chest & seat harness then attached onto our twin rope swinging system. It’s then over to you to jump into the unknown. The beauty of The Swing is that you can jump off any way you like. We have well over 70 jumps available and many more up our sleeve for ‘special occasions’ – our jump staff are only too willing to help your choice! There are a number of tandem jumpstyles available too.

Once you ‘depart’ the platform you will freefall 60m down into the canyon until the ropes smoothly swings you into a giant 200m swing. You will then complete a couple of massive swings before you slowly come to rest approximately 100m below the departure platform. We then winch you swiftly back up to the platform with a huge smile on your face and a memory you will not forget in a hurry. When you get back to the platform you have the choice of doing more jumps.

Where we meet

From here you will travel 10 minutes in one of our 4WD vehicles, take a 3 minute bush walk and you’ll arrive at our private Swing site. Allow 2.5hr return.

Medical Conditions

If you are affected to any extent by any of the conditions listed below or by anything you consider relevant you must include details in the of our waiver form so that we can include you safely in this activity. These conditions do not necessarily exclude you from jumping:

High blood pressure, heart conditions,head injury, allergies,asthma, artificial limbs, previous dislocations, neurological disorders, back injuries, pregnancy, epilepsy or eye conditions.

More information on other conditions or impairments available here>>

Trip Times

We operate hourly trips depending on demand and operational/seasonal variances.

Summer – hourly from 8.30am to 5.30pm
Winter – hourly from 9.30am to 3.30pm


  • Minimum age is 10 years old, for safety ID may be required
  • Parental/guardian consent required for those under the age of 16
  • Maximum solo weight – 135kgs
  • Maximum combined tandem weight – 180kgs.

What To Bring

  • Camera
  • Closed toe footwear is required (sneakers, trainers etc)
  • Please wear appropriate clothing for the outdoors and all weather conditions
  • In winter a jacket, hat and gloves are strongly recommended.


Full terms and conditions>>